Your Ultimate Valentines Day Guide


Your Ultimate Valentines Day Guide
Whether you are looking for an event to impress your honey, looking for a sweet gesture for a friend or hoping to surprise your overworked sweetie pie with a soothing therapeutic massage, you need LOOK NO FURTHER!
Look aren't they cute? I will package them up and send one to you or your love promptly! Act fast so you don't forget! Gift Certificates can be ordered by contacting me at Massage is the best gift for anyone outside of chocolate ever.                   
BUY A HEARTS AND HIPS OIL GIFT SET! Infuse Valentine's Day with a sense of harmony, with my Hearts and Hips gift set. Chakra Balancing essential oils and body mists are aromatherapeutic blends for the mind and body.  This grounding but flowery pair of scents nourish the heart and hips.  The gift set includes the 2nd and 4th Chakra oils or mists infused with organic flower waters.  The set comes in a festive bag with chocolate(of course!) for an extra loving touch!
Friday Febraury 13th at Laughing Lotus in Manhattan, Justin Ritchie and I are hosting a love filled event! Come explore new ways to give nurturing intentional touch to your friend , spouse or significant other! We are open to share our passion of healing others through touch! Sharing this easy and fun sequence will promote trust, creativity and love ! 

 Don't miss THIS. Justin Ritchie and I will be teaching a Couples Valentines Day Massage Workshop Friday February 13th at Laughing Lotus in Chelsea! Bring your friends or lovers and learn how to perform Thai Massage, try vegan salted chocolates and sample Heart and Hips Earth House Oil Blends! Go to Laughing Lotus online for more info!
Congratulations on being such an awesome friend and lover,  you most definitely need a massage.  The cold weather has been seeping into the muscles and the bones and causing extra tension and pain.  Come in,  lay on my yummy heated table and let all your stress seep out of your body and back into the earth.  Revive and rejuvenate! Make an appointment today at
Click this  link to hop on over to my ETSY page and pick up my homemade essential oil blends! 2nd Chakra is filled with Jasmine and Patchouli oils which releases inhibition and liberates the Imagination. 4th Chakra is filled with bergamot and lavender, it balances your spirit and nourishes your heart.
Look for me teaching THIS MONTH at Laughing Lotus Brooklyn! Were located in South Williamsburg! Im teaching DONATION BASED COMMUNITY classes on Tuesdays at 10am!
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