Cooling Oils to Wear All Summer

I wasnt always a lavender fan but as I delve deeper into the rabbit hole of essential oils I just can't deny that it really is the mother of them all.  It can do anything, especially in the summer.  Use it as a base oil and then use my cute little choose your own adventure style add ons to custom blends to find which oils will keep YOU cool all summer. But lets start with the lavender, it has a  harmonizing effect on the nervous system.  It will act as a sedative in conditions of mental and emotional agitation and unrest, calming the mind, comforting feelings and alleviating fears,  while its uplifting and revives the spirits for someone feeling emotionally depleted.  It is  cooling and can clear heat especially in an overheated liver.  It also is notorius for healing burns, sunburn and sunstroke as well as beneficial for excema, psoriasis, boils and acne. With that in mind,  take a deep breath and figure out where your summer patterns take you. In the summer its super easy to over do it.  We are supposed to be celebrating the season! Going out, being social and living life to its fullest expression!! So  See which one of these Yang or out going expressions need to be balanced with a little aromatherapy. All of these oils are cooling and perfect to wear in a scorcher.   Use lavender as your starting point and then see where you go:

Do you feel stress in your gut?
Whether it's from eating one too many hot dogs at Coney Island or just internalizing your feelings and letting them bubble up in your tummy, stomach fire can stop you in your tracks on a hot day.  Add a little BERGAMOT to your lavender to not only ease stomach fire and indigestion but also ease anxiety by encouraging the wearer to "let go." The green color of this oil, a lovely member of the citrus family nourishes  as well as cools and calms the heart.  When agitation arises and nervous tension spreads from your heart into your belly, use bergamot on the breastbone to let go of built up tension that is keeping you from feeling free in your life.  

Do you feel stress in your neck and shoulders?
Its Yang Season,  the time of the year with the most movement and hot energy. Heat moves up and sometimes can get stuck in the neck and shoulders causing headaches. You know what also causes headaches? Hangovers.  If you are feeling a little overheated from that extra margarita or feeling a crick in your neck form too many blasts of AC add PEPPERMINT to your lavender.  It works to cool your muscles and is a dream on the back of your neck on a hot summer day.  I take this mix to the beach with me or anywhere that I feel like the muck is making me feel muggy.  It feels clean to wear this oil and is very refreshing.

Do you feel like you cant stop?
Literally,  you keep going and going and when you finally sit down your mind still doesn't stop. Sleep can seriously be affected by this and the great thing about SANDALWOOD is it stops the mind.  If you want to balance out the season with a slow, cooling restorative or meditation practice,  add this to your lavender.  It aids in practices of this nature because it brings you into the moment and gives your mind a nice break from thinking about thinking.  It encourages the base and the crown chakras to unite while lavender does the same.  They meet in the heart chakra and calm and cool you.  Sandalwood is perfect for battling sleep.  

Stay cool out there this summer and nourish yourself in your own way.  These blends are easy to make yourself,  or you can hop over to my Etsy page and have them delivered to your door!!!