Cooling Oils Workshop and Soak Up Your Sunburn Massages


Doesn't that sound heavenly? A cat nap on a beach day can over do your summer sunning. Did the Yanks go into overtime and your shoulders paid the price? Next time you stop by request a sunburn massage! At no additional cost I will swap in coconut oil infused with lavender to soothe the skin. Lavender is heralded with soothing any summer skin ailments including bug bites, sunburns and hangovers. Yes your skin can get hungover too! Coconut oils cooling love will cool you off and get you back to the beach in no time! Your welcome.  

Wassup Y'all!! I have brand new classes starting  at LOTUS BK!! You can find me every week for LOTUS BASICS classes at the one and only.  Ill be teaching SUNDAYS AT 2PM and MONDAYS at 630PM.  Both hour long classes,  both juicy delicious slow flow and essential oil mini rubs in Savasana. Sign up for class at or just pop on over,  Ill be there,  we know each other. 

Did you know that I accept health insurance? United Healthcare accepts out of network massage as physical therapy! Email me your member ID and your birthday and I will see if you are covered!
Susan and I had a bananas time teaching our workshop for the Unicorn Ball.  Did you miss it? Its OK!  WERE BACK!! Look for us SUNDAY JULY 19TH from 2-4pm at LAUGHING LOTUS CHELSEA for more Deep Yin Poses and Essential Oils.  This month we will be exploring cooling poses and the oils who love them.  This was a super popular workshop last month so please consider signing up in advance.

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