Spring is the season of change. Change can be very stressful for some because as humans we like our comforts. We like the places we can go back to that feel safe, the places we can depend on. But change is always a constant and evolving with that change can be a challenge. But during these times we can be depending on something that might not exist in the world any longer or fall back on patterns we learned as a child. We are forgetting that we have evolved into a different being. Our thoughts become habitual and our perception of the world can also become habitual. That is why being present is so important. If you are present you are right where you need to be.  This month I will be showcasing SPRUCE oil which relieves sore muscles and promotes circulation which moves old holding patterns into the blood and out of the body. Spruce oil also supports the lungs, the pioneers of change with each inhale and exhale. Its a beautiful mix with SANDALWOOD which opens up the mind to a bigger picture while keeping us grounded. It also calms the mind from overthinking which can keep us distracted from the present moment.  If we are living in the present we are exactly where we need to be.

I'd also like to let you know my dear ones that my rates are also embracing this change. Beginning June 1st my rates will now be $120 for a 60 minute session and $150 for a 90 minute session. All other sessions will reflect these changes. Until June 1st you may still buy a 3PACK for the old prices! 5packs would be 10% off old prices and 10packs would be 15% off old prices. If you would like to take advantage of this SUPER DEAL email me at!
MORE CHANGE! For my Brooklynite friends I will begin taking sessions by appt on SATURDAYS AT PARK SLOPE YOGA!


  All classes are infused with an essential oil and sweet smooth funky music. YOUR FIRST CLASS IS FREE! 232 Broadway between Havemeyer and Roebling in South Williamsburg J/M to Marcy 
PURIFY OIL is made for Spring. Juniper Berry oil drives out toxins and negative influences with its lymphatic decongestant properties.  The Grapefruit oil has a cleansing effect, deterring impulses and cravings.  Carrot seed oil strengthens inner vision, nourishes the blood and revives tired skin caused by environmental stress.
Susan Derwin and I are back in Chelsea with a Spring workshop guaranteed to keep you grounded through the storm that is Spring. Deep Yin poses to support the kidneys, your lungs and your liver that works the hardest this time of year, complimented by oils that soothe allergies, worry and change.