Healing in a Bottle

It was my birthday last week, yes I'm a Scorpio and the few days between it and All Hallows Eve are usually  big ones. The larger the crowd the better, the more parties, larger hair I say, I wanna look like Priscilla Presley on her wedding day for my birthday week. So why was it that on Halloween I had my hair in a bun(yes matted down from the adventure the night before) but crawling in my closet throwing away old hats I'll never wear again. Well nothing is certain but change and new moon breeds it. Birthday or no, last weekend was a new moon and it was filled with the energy of  clearing out and being gracious and compassionate towards anything that remains. So sometimes whether I think I want to or not, I attempt to stay in balance with the seasons change. SO for the first time in years and years I declined the parade, let my big hair get wet, and continued what has been my real thematic experiment of fall, simplicity. I took Halloween to stay home, to clean, to cook warming foods, to take a bath and most importantly to rest.  Sound boring, feel like you cant take all that? Well you dont have to because two weeks later, still in the rhythm, of the universe you can experience the night life, the extra cocktail, you can bring back your big hair. Because within every rhythm of rest there is an opposite place to celebrate and the  full moon is a beacon for it.  As new Yorkers we sometime cant make our schedules centered around a nine to five job, so why not the moon phases? Ive found recently that following the moon helps me give myself time to rest as well as time to celebrate and my moon oils enhance both those energies, and all the energies in between.

If you are looking for a little balance in your life you dont have to fill up your calendar or even know how to rotate your chakras, you only need to check in with where the moon lies. 
In the spirit of newness, my intention for this moon was to give. I have been working very hard on a relaunch of my very own Earth House Oils. These oils and many others have one thing in common and that is they strive to help you holistically  come back into balance. These moon oils specifically can help you focus on what your body needs based on where  we are in each moon phase. SO we know the new moon is for making space to set up new intentions. but when the moon waxes(gets bigger) we have oil that help support the action behind the intention. Oils such as Sandalwood and Spruce give us grounded creative focus as we set our intentions into motion. By the full moon, patchouli and orange help us celebrate the manifestation of our intention just before we use the waning(getting smaller) moon to cleanse back out,  reflective and clear for the next moon. You can use these oils to harness the  energy of the moon. This energy brings you closer to the natural rhythms of the universe and bring more balance into your life. Check out my moon phase oils and more on Etsy!


  All classes are infused with an essential oil and sweet smooth funky music. YOUR FIRST CLASS IS FREE! 232 Broadway between Havemeyer and Roebling in South Williamsburg J/M to Marcy

 We are taking  Deep Yin and Essential Oils workshops to the Wall. All poses will have an extra prop in the wall this session and is amazing for deep releases without the strain on the joints. All essential oils, including jasmine and rosemary, support grounding, cleansing out and raising immunity for fall. This workshop has limited space so make sure you sign up!
Go the link at http://laughinglotus.com and click under workshops  to sign up Sunday November 20th 2pm-4pm $30 in advance. 
 This time of year is an amazing time to give the gift of massage to a friend or family member who needs a little relief. My gift certificates are super cute and can be hand delivered or mailed to you or your friend! Contact me on my website for for details and make sure to book one for yourself while your at it!
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