Rituals for a Fast Coming Fall

"We all need to rest. We all need to slow down. We all need to just do one thing, and only one thing, at a time. We all need to stare at a wall, trace the carpet, breathe in deep, inhale the fumes of our miso soup. Sip tea loudly, close our eyes in the middle of the day. Count our breaths per minute, slow down our inhales." -Sarah Faith Gottesdiener. Join Susan Derwin and I for a full day of taking in and letting go. Two yin sequences designed for letting go as the leaves on the trees and taking in as the harvest accompanied by essential oils, journaling and meditations, mudras, pranayama and an essential oil blend you design and take home. Next Saturday at Laughing Lotus NY from 2pm-7pm.
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If you're feeling run down and sniffly:
Autumn is the windy season,  Ayurveda calls it Vata Season and its very easy to let the wind unground you. Running around in this season as the temperatures stop to drop can easily leave you vulnerable to colds and flues.  The organs associated with Fall according to Traditional Chinese Medicine are the lungs and the large intestines so keeping the lungs healthy is very important. 
What you can do:
Never underestimate the power of a scarf.  The back of the neck is the easiest way for a cold to creep its way into your system and leave you coughing and sniffly.  Take advantage of warm drinks.  Grab some apple cider or a tea to keep warm.
Oils you should wear: 
Ive made a lovely blend called Protection and it includes Tea Tree, Rosemary and Lemon. I suggest wearing it first thing in the morning.  These oils all strengthen our "Wei Qi" which is a force of energy protecting us from outside influences.  If we look at our bodies like onions with layers that peel away the Wei Qi is the outermost layer.  A weak "Wei Qi" level can be threatened by "wind cold" in the air. Wind Cold is characterized as the onset of respiratory tract infections with aches and pains and a dislike of cold.  Tea Tree is a powerful immunobooster and disperses wind back out into the universe.  Rosemary also strengthens Wei Qi as well as being a great psychic protector. It promotes concentration and focus and brings the wearer good luck.  The lemon oil is very decongesting and is a wonderful antiviral for colds and flu.

If you're feeling like you need to cleanse out:
Along with the lungs,  the large intestine is also an important part of fall. Its a great time to cleanse internally to reduce toxins in the body.  The things that are running through our system going into winter will be with us as our body hibernates until the spring. 
What you can do:
Drink tons of water, its a natural purifier.  Add a few more twists to your home yoga practice and get a massage with Cupping.  Massage promotes circulation which cleanses toxins from the body, Fire Cupping on the lung points of the back strengthen the body and promote cleansing.
Oils you should wear: 
I have a cleansing blend that includes a warming tonic to keep heat in the body.  Juniper Berry oil is known for its warming properties as well as a powerful lymphatic decongestant.  It clears toxins but also benefits poor circulation, lower backache and cold hands and feet.  As well as clearing out toxins from the blood, it also drives out negative influences and emotions from the body. Ive teamed it up with Eucalyptus. This oil is great for removing phlegm from the lungs.  It removes heaviness from your chest that can arise from feelings of depression and a soft voice.  It promotes speaking your truth and also nourishes the 5th Chakra.  Frankincense grounds the blend by strengthening the adrenals and the kidneys.  It promotes the link between the kidneys and the lungs and deepens the breath.  It expels fear from the body and is recommended as a meditation aid and cuts ties to the past,  especially when they may block personal growth.  This blend is great if mixed into a shower scrub. 

If you're feeling blue:
Let it go.  Feelings of depression can creep into our minds during this season because of the impending darkness that comes when the days get shorter.  These feelings can be overwhelming and the best thing to do is to embrace the season for what it is and let go of any of the feelings that are causing you grief. 
What you should do:
Start a new meditation practice to balance your body as the Equinox symbolizes the balance of the light and dark periods of the year.  Alternate Nostril Breath or Nadi Shodhana Breath aligns your lunar and solar sides of the body is is an amazing practice for balancing the breath during auspicious times of the year.  Sit comfortably and close your right nostril with your right thumb. Gently inhale through the left nostril.  Then lift your thumb, close the left nostril with your ring finger, and exhale through the right.  Reverse the pattern,  inhaling through the right nostril and exhaling though the left.  Repeat.
Oils you should wear:
I've made a CALM BLEND to chase away feelings of sadness and depression as the sunny days get shorter.  Bergamot is the ultimate oil for "letting go" especially with pent up emotions such as anger and resentment that can cause anxiety and insomnia.  Its very calming.  Chamomile helps you find clarity when tension arises from conflicting tendencies and desires.  Clary Sage is a classic essential oil to wear when you feel melancholy or mentally distracted and restless.  Its traditionally been used for respiratory conditions and helps reconnect us to the universe when worry causes us to lose sight of our true purpose in life.  Wear this oil on the wrist by the thumb or take a bath in it to chase away the Blues. 

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