Heart in her hands

Love love LOVE Brandi. Her massage was one part essential oil workshop, one part loving and intentional touch, and one part impossible-to-define good vibes for your soul. You can tell how much of her heart she puts into her work, and your body really, really feels it. The way she layers essential oils is super fascinating and adds a really rich layer to the massage experience. She's a Goddess. Truly.


Totally amazing

Brandi is truly a gem - she puts you at ease instantly, and leaves you refreshed, reenergized, and ready to take on obstacle. Girl's got the magic touch. I can't recommend her enough! (Plus, she leaves you smelling like heaven, so there's that.)


Brandi for President

Brandi is professional, knowledgeable and truly gifted. She is highly skilled to asses any and all ailments. also, her homemade oils were the perfect medicinal touch. Thank you again for such a wonderful experience! ❤



Brandi was a Soul Connection

I loved my experience working with Brandi during our full body massage with cupping accompanied by aromatherapy. Her space is beautiful and has wonderful clean energy inviting me to tell her some details about my life that enhanced the experience. Her awareness of my recent issues and lifelong scoliosis helped her create a sensory experience specific to me. We chatted about spiritual and holistic connections and she is truly a healer. I look forward to working with her again.


Amazing Prenatal Massage!

My first massage with Brandi was easily the best massage I've ever had. Brandi's hands are Divine, and her knowledge is exceptional. Her caring attention created a calm, nurturing experience, and I walked out feeling relaxed and renewed. Brandi pinpointed problem areas, and explained what was happening physiologically within my body and what she was alleviating